Paws Up

Paws Up has developed into a highly successful dog high jumping team that travels to Shows and invitational events throughout NSW and interstate. They hold the current Australian record at 9' 10" and are very seldom beaten anywhere in the country. The dogs in the team mirror the challenges and progress of the boys. They don't clear every jump, they often take a fall, but they have learned to trust that someone will be there to catch them and they face the next jump with the belief that they can fly..

BackTrack is a ground-breaking not for profit organisation in Armidale NSW dedicated to creating positive change and altering the life course for a risk rural young people. Through its unique and innovative intervention model, BackTrack encourages the pursuit of engagement, education and vocational training, personal development and case management. Success ia achieved through participation by the young person in activities such as the celebrated and award winning dog training program "Paws Up" to developing vocational skills through the AgLads and Iron Man Welder programs and classroom, with young people achieving HSC and Student Based Training (SBT)