The Australian Wifecarrying Titles

Class 4901 - The Australian Wife Carrying Titles

Wife Carrying is very much like it sounds! Men carry their wives (or girlfriends, sisters, cousins or friends!!) through an obstacle course including sand, water and fences. The team with the fastest time wins. It’s that simple!

You don’t need to be married to Enter!

The winning duo of the Australian Wife Carrying Titles at the 2023 Singleton Show will win a chance to represent Australia at the World Wife Carrying Titles in Finland* July 2024! (*Subject to change by the NAA) Prize of $3000.00 to help go towards flights & accommodation to Finland.

The 2023 Australian Wife Carrying Titles will be held on Saturday September 23rd 2023 at approximately 3.30pm* (*time subject to change by N.A.A.) at the Singleton Showground

Criteria which must be met to be eligible to enter:

  • At least one member of your team to be an Australian Citizen

  • Both Team Members must be 18 years and over

  • The person being carried race weight is to be 49kg or over

  • If your carrying weight is less than 49kg you must bring your own weights to bring your carrying weight up to the 49kg mark.

  • Be the fastest time including penalties

  • Teams must consist of a male and female

  • Wifecarrying Entry Form

  • One competitor per waiver

  • Waivers must be completed correctly

  • Waivers must also be legible

  • Waivers must be A4 size only

Entry Fee $40 per team

Entries Open: 1st  July 2023 - click on the Competition tab, then Entry Online Here tab

Entries Close: 17th September 2023