Australian Wife Carrying Titles

What is Wife Carrying?

Wife Carrying is actually very much like it sounds! Men carrying wives (or girlfriends, sisters, cousins or friends!!) through an obstacle course that includes sand, water and fences. The team with the fastest time through the obstacle course wins.


Originating in Finland, the act of Wife Carrying is based around the 19th century legend “Ronkainen the Robber”. There are three stories as to how the sport was developed. Firstly, Ronkainen and his thieves were accused of stealing food and women from local villages carrying the women away on their backs. Secondly, the men would go to surrounding villages to steal the wives of other men and later become their wives. Finally, Ronkainen trained his thieves to become successful and skilful for their missions by requiring them to practice  carrying large heavy sacks on their backs.

The first modern day wife carrying event was held in Finland in 1992 with foreign contestants entering in 1995. The Wife Carrying World Championships are now held annually in Sonkajärvi, Finland.

Australian History

Singleton commenced hosting the Australian Wife Carrying Titles in 2005. Since then, the event has grown to become a major highlight of the event calendar for the Hunter. Teams enter the event from all over Australia, including Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Goulburn, Tamworth, Central Coast, Merriwa,  Muswellbrook, Stroud, Hawkesbury, Moss Vale, Gunnedah, Lake Macquarie, Templestow (Vic), Cairns, Maitland and of course, Singleton. In the past 15 years, over 150 couples have entered the competition. Thirteen couples have made the trip over to Finland to represent Australia—and have had a fantastic experience in the process.










Australian Champions

  • 2023 Elliott Earnshaw & Adelaide Taylor

  • 2022 Nick & Ashleigh Topham

  • 2019 Nicholas Metcalf & Jess Codrington

  • 2018 Dylan Hedges & Alana Flemming

  • 2017 Adam Cullen & Tylee Robinson

  • 2016 Adrian & Amanda Betts

  • 2015 Jess McCallum & Ben Gregg

  • 2014 Jade Cupitt & Luke Papworth

  • 2013 Amiee & Jamie Graham

  • 2012 Beau Mynard & Ellie Gresham

  • 2011 Michael & Emma Blenman

  • 2010 Anthony Partridge & Kath Whalan

  • 2009 Anthony Partridge & Kath Whalan

  • 2008 Jason Doyle & Lyneece Garland

  • 2007 Anthony Partridge & Angela Cafe

  • 2006 Kal Baker & Kelly Smith

  • 2005 Anthony Partridge & Angela Cafe

2023  Australian Wife Carrying Titles

The 2023 Australian Wife Carrying Titles will be held on Saturday 23rd September 2023 at approximately 4pm* (*time subject to change by N.A.A.) at the Singleton Showground.

First Prize

The winning duo of the Australian Wife Carrying Titles at the 2023 Singleton Show will win a chance to represent Australia at the World Wife Carrying Titles in Finland* July 2024! (*Subject to change by the NAA)

* Conditions Apply.

Criteria which must be met to be eligible for the first prize:

  1. At least one member of your team to be an Australian Citizen

  2. Both Team Members must be 18 years and over

  3. The person being carried race weight is to be 49kg or over

  4. Be the fastest time including penalties

  5. Teams must consist of a male and female

If your carrying weight is less than 49kg you must bring your own weights to bring your carrying weight up to the 49kg mark.

Video Links

Australian Wife Carrying Titles, Singleton Showground​

  • 2008 Australian Wife Carrying Winners, NBN Television

  • 2009 Australian Wife Carrying, World Wide Of Sports, Channel Nine

More Information & Entry Form

The Australian Wife Carrying Titles Waiver Form

The Australian Wife Carrying Titles Entry Form

Entry Fee $40

Entries Open - 1st July 2023 - click on the Competition tab, then Entry Online Here tab

Entries Closes - Sunday 17th September 2023